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Creating an account only requires a £1 authorisation and you can start spin up servers soon after. Choose a service level (applies to Cloud Servers only) that allows you to pay a minimum fee based on your intended use.

If you would prefer to manage your own server, and only call us for advice and guidance, then this is all you need to get started in the cloud. We will help you get set up and we're there whenever you need us. Service level pricing begins at minimum £35/month plus any infrastructure costs you incur.

Get the benefits of Managed Infrastructure, along with high-touch, end-to-end cloud management. Your team can remain focused on innovation that grows your business, while we handle your operations – from the infrastructure through the OS layer. Service level pricing begins at minimum £350/month plus any infrastructure costs you may incur.

All the benefits of Managed Operations, plus we treat your infrastructure as code and automate your application environment for rapid deployments and scaling - significantly reducing your time to market. Service level pricing is your Managed Operations service level price plus a flat monthly fee of £1750 and any infrastructure costs you many incur.

For Managed Operations + DevOps Automation please either start a chat or call us: 020 8738 7283.

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